How to skip MySQL replication counter

October 7, 2008

There are such times when MySQL replication stops when you run certain updates on the master and the slave fails. Like for example you may have run a create table or an alter table on the master and further inserts but these DDLs get skipped and the inserts into these non-existent tables cause the slave to error out and stop.

A simple way out of this is to run the missing DDLs on the slave and push the counter by a step. This is not recommended as this might cause data inconsistency.

Use the below sql to skip the counter by 1.


Just remember to use the value 1 for any SQL statement that does not use AUTO_INCREMENT or LAST_INSERT_ID(), otherwise you will need to use the value 2. Statements that use AUTO_INCREMENT or LAST_INSERT_ID() take up 2 events in the binary log.

To skip lots of duplicate errors, you can set this in my.cnf

slave-skip-errors = 1062